This project took place in September 2018 and the objective was to take something from your commute to school (Elisava, Barcelona) and create a booklet. This project has helped me work with unfamiliar materials and think in an unconventional manner. 
Initial Design
I chose to focus on circles during my commute and took around 100 photos of circles that I saw daily, as shown below.
I chose ten photos that I felt most represented the change between Pittsburgh and Barcelona and created a booklet designed using the following materials:

PVC incoloro 1000x700x0,6 M/M (transparent PVC sheet)
gluestick (to attach photos to sheet)
exacto knife and scissors (to cut sheets and photos)
compass (to measure circular container)

Final Design
I didn't expect this project to be as challenging as it was, but I was able to learn a lot about the design thinking process. I had to design my own booklet and then follow through by actually creating it. This is so different from technical design, where you may not be the one who is implementing the feature you are designing, so it was nice to create a product end to end. 

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