Waitless is a mobile application created with Rails that allows the user to purchase items on the spot by scanning items and directly deducting money from their Capital One account. I was responsible for overall planning and database design.
Initial Design
During this 24 hour Capital One hackathon, our team spend a large amount of time brainstorming how to create an enjoyable shopping experience while utilizing the Capital One API, Nessie. 

We were inspired by the idea of Amazon Go, which is a store where customers never have to checkout, because the items are already paid for by the time they leave. This feature is quite difficult to securely implement as of this time, so our team decided to use the idea of a mobile personal shopper, where your phone could automatically checkout items for you so that lines would no longer be a problem. 
Since Amazon Go was the initial inspiration, our team conducted a competitive analysis to see if our product would be viable. We looked at online shopping, current security systems in stores, and the in store scanners. After some research if was finally decided that a mobile personal scanner would be the most pain free solution for a user. 
Final Product
See a live demo here!

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