Our assignment was to find a restaurant in the Sant Antoni area of Barcelona and rebrand the restaurant to better match its type of environment. I chose Amigó, a restaurant located in a prime location next to the Sant Antoni Market. I conducted an ethnography to see what the restaurant was like, and then took that data to create a new logo and branding. 
I conducted my ethnography on Saturday around 3:00 PM. This is between lunch and the evening snack, so it was a good time to see the restaurant at a more calm pace. I sat in a corner table and ordered some food while observing the environment. I took photos to capture the ambience and color scheme.
After the ethnography I created a mind map to display my ideas. I then used the mind map to create ideal "personas" that attended the restaurant. It was primarily locals speaking Catalan, either young (20s to early 30s), or older (60+). The restaurant had a warm and friendly tone and carried a Barcelona-esque vibe. Using this knowledge I sketched some preliminary logos that could capture what I saw. I then did some research on fonts and decided a sans serif font would work best, as it is modern yet friendly. After iterating through several, I chose the Gabriel Weiss Friends Font. 
Final Product
I hadn't eaten at too many Sant Antoni restaurants, so I'm glad this project gave me a chance to go to one. It was difficult to think of a new logo for a restaurant I had seen once so I really had to rely on strategies such as making maps and doing external research on the internet about the history of Amigó. It allowed me to see what it's like to have a client that you have to rebrand. 

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